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About us

In an area of law that is often time sensitive and is continually changing, our immigration lawyer provides clear advice to guide you through the procedures.

The UK immigration system can be complicated at the best of times. What’s more, it’s been constantly evolving in recent years as successive Governments implement changes. But these issues should not detract from a simple fact. Depending on your personal circumstances, you might be able to visit, work or join your family in the UK


In short, we exist to provide initial assessment, help with completing and submitting application, advice on law & procedure and help with any subsequent problems.

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Ahsan Hoque
CILEx Qualified

We assist by doing the following:

  • Pre-advise you over the phone or in person if our service is right for you

  • Ensure that we can undertake your case. If we cannot, then we will tell you at the beginning

  • Asking the relevant questions to understand your specific case

  • Gather the right documents needed

  • Advise you of the possible outcomes

  • Complete the application on your behalf

  • Submit the application to the right department at the Home Office

  • Chase up with the right departments to get an outcome as soon as possible

  • Provide follow up advice and offer relevant services once a decision has been made

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